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Brewers’ slow start starting to get me worried

A loss…then a win.  Then a loss, followed by another win.  Then loss, loss, loss, loss, followed by a win.  Then loss, loss, win…then a loss.

Following Tuesday evening’s drubbing in Philly, the Brewers have failed to put together back-to-back wins for the fourth time this season…and are now 0-4 in that category, and in last in the NL Central at 4-9, already 5 games back of the Cubs in the loss column.

Their team ERA of 5.59 is 23rd in the Majors, meaning 6 teams have at least equally bad pitching, including the Phillies (29th at 6.62) and Yankees (tied for 27th at 6.27); their 24th in runs scored at 53 (but the Phillies and Yankees are ranked 10th and 8th, respectively).

Now some reasons/excuses could include a tough schedule thus far, including two of the four playoff teams from the NL, bad luck, not having Trevor Hoffman in the pen, etc….  But the hole is deep already, and could easily get deeper. Only Todd Coffey (0.00), Mark DiFelice (1.29), and Braden Looper (3.27) have ERA’s under 4.50.

Unfortunately, there is little skipper Ken Macha can do right now other than let the players play through their slumps, and have the coaches analyze stances and arm motions.  The pressure is no doubt starting to build a bit, as Corey Hart and J.J. Hardy are already trying things to loosen the clubhouse up a bit (by dying their hair Goth black).

Macha could switch up the line-up, especially putting in more lefties tonight against the struggling righty Joe Blanton; he could move Braden Looper up in the rotation and could, eventually, give DiFelice a start in place of Manny Parra.  But, other than that, everyone–including the fans–are just going to have to wait it out.