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1982 AL Champion Brewers Ring for Sale; Got a Spare Four Grand?

Here at The Brewers Bar we can’t compete with the great daily coverage of the Brewers’ spring camp at Maryvale provided by sites like Brew Crew Ball, Reviewing the Brew or the JSOnline.  What I can tell you about, however, is the original 1982 AL Champion Brewers ring up for auction on eBay, and you can buy it now for ‘only’ $4000.  You could also make an offer, as two people have done already.  There is free shipping!  According to the description, the ring was previously owned by Bill Haig, who was the Brewers’ Vice President of Broadcasting, starting in 1980.  From eBay:

Bill Haig, a major figure in Wisconsin sports broadcasting, worked with the Milwaukee Brewers, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Green Bay Packers, and University of Wisconsin baseball and football teams during his long career, and was inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame in 1997.

The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers took home the franchise's first and only American League Pennant and offered one of the most dramatic post-season performances in Major League Baseball's history.    

Owning this ring would surely be a paramount part of a boast-worthy Brewers collection.  Haig’s name is on one side of the ring, which also features nice depictions of the ball-and-glove logo and the American League logo.  Given that the Brewers are unlikely to go back to the AL any time soon, and taking into account the legend of the brilliant but failed 1982 team, this ring could appreciate significantly in value in the coming years.  Granted, that is a lot of money.  At least you can take a look and dream, right?