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41 runs…in 2 days!

Okay, okay…so the 27 runs today were over two split squad games…but still:
Today’s 21-2 pasting of the Giants had sooooo many good signs, including:
* Two scoreless innings apiece by Carlos Villanueva and Yovanni Gallardo;
* Multi-hit games by Jenkins (3-for-5), Iribarren (3-for-6 with 7 ribbies), Braun (2-for-5), Hall (2-for-5), Rivera (5-for-6), and Closser (4-for-5 with 7 ribbies).
The A’s, however, got revenge by beating the Crew 7-6, staging a 3-run 8th:
* Bush allowed an earned run in the start, while Oxspring and Thurman allowed 3 each;
* Clark went 3-for-5, Hart went 2-for-4, and Estrada went 2-for-3 and drove in 3, and Graffanino also went 2-for-3, while Vinny Rotino stole a pair.
Can you imagine what the offensive output could be once we combine the two split squads together? Well, we can dream for now, right?
David Hannes
Copyright 2007