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A deserved loss

The Brewers lost to the Reds 11-5 Tuesday night…and deservedly so. Two official errors…and at least one more mental error when Bill Hall called off J.J. Hardy on a pop fly to short center, that fell in. A wild pitch that moved a runner. The Reds collected 15 hits in 8 innings–4 for extra bases. The Reds scored 5 runs in the 7th inning to take the lead for good–all with two outs, after Brian Shouse had struck out Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey, Jr. All 5 Brewers’ pitchers gave up at least one earned run. The #2 and #3 hitters (J.J. Hardy and Prince Fielder) finished 0-for-8. Games like this happen, but they frustrate fans…the Crew had somehow managed to take a 5-4 lead into the bottom of the 7th, as Reds’ starter Matt Belisle proved hittable after all: Belisle gave up 5 ER in 5.33 IP…but Brewers’ starter Dave Bush was only marginally better–4 ER in 5 IP…both allowed 8 hits. Hopefully, the Crew can shake this one off and take out some frustrations on the Pirates tomorrow night in Miller Park.