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A duel of personalities that stretches all realities

(Photo: CalgaryHerald.com)

“I just don’t think the problem is necessarily Axford (although him being dominant again would be cool!) You just have to treat relievers like family members with drug habits or something – enjoy the time they’re with you and performing well, but don’t plan your life around the assumption that will always be the case.”

By DEUCE SLUICE on Apr 7, 2013 | 9:35 PM

(Comment by Deuce Sluice at BrewCrewBall Sunday)

I came across the above comment Sunday after the Brewers’ fifth consecutive loss and couldn’t help but love it.  The Internet is such a blessed and beloved thing when it comes to a baseball community commiserating after a loss, isn’t it?  I read Deuce Sluice’s comment and others and couldn’t help but laugh, and that laughter made me feel better.  After the loss and sweep at the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks, it was good to read the thoughts of other frustrated Brewers fans.  And behold today: the Brewers won a game and Jim Henderson got a save!!!

I’m glad someone else is, at least temporarily, in the role of closer for this team.  Perhaps with a differently configured bullpen, the later innings will be a little less like a minefield.  I really hope the Ax-Man gets it together.  I love the guy’s style and electric stuff.  This team desperately needs a more stable pitching situation at this point, though.  So many roster moves already this year, but constant tinkering will likely be needed.  Go with the hot hand, Roenicke!  We can’t afford to throw the season away this early.  But of course, even if the season melts away, we’ll still have each other to get through it. 

The more you know…