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A Frightful Reality: Gold Glove Awards Officially Bunk

Not that this is breaking, shocking news, but the Gold Glove Awards are now officially stupid, dumb and just not worth anyone’s time.  As Todd Rosiak mentions in the JS, the Brewers failed once again to win a Gold Glove Award (or the Gold Glove Awards failed them, which is probably the better phrase).  Not one Gold Glove since 1982 (Robin Yount), holy cannoli, that is insane and just sucks outright.  Throw us a bone, Rawlings!!  Seriously.  I know the Gold Glove Awards are often thought to be awarded based on reputation or hitting ability, which is so ludicrous and contradictory that I won’t even get into it.  I know coaches and managers are often thought to base their choices on seeing a player or two during a few series each year, or to base their selections on simple things like errors, but what does a Brewer have to do to win one of these worthless awards?

According to Kyle Lobner of Brew Crew Ball, 2013 bobblehead and former Brewer George Scott has more Gold Gloves than everyone else in franchise history combined!!  The ratio is 5:4.  That just doesn’t make any sense, even in a nonsensical, unfair world.  You’d think the Brewers would have accidentally won one by now, over the last 30 years, right?  Well you would think wrong in that case.  This piece by Charlie Wilmoth of Bucs Dugout is very telling.  Andrew McCutchen won a Gold Glove this year, but Charlie and many other Pirates fans seem to think it was undeserved.  What would be cool is if the Gold Glove Awards found a way to stop being a loathsome self-parody and started recognizing defense more and hitting and reputation less.  I’m not going to go through the trouble of defending past Brewers who lost out on the award, or bother taking a defiant stand on the play of Ryan Braun or Aramis Ramirez.  I believe both players could have won the award, because they’re both great hitters and swell guys.  They both seem eligible for the Gold Glove on that alone.