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A Good Start

Today’s box
Brewers 14, A’s 8
After reading that the Brewers spotted Oakland a 6-0 lead, the Crew resumed where they left off last year, coming back to score 14 runs in 5 innings…things of note:
* Ryan Braun played the whole game at 3B...and how--a 4-for-5, 7 RBI affair, topped off with a grand slam
* Claudio Vargas could not figure Marco Scutaro...or Scutaro figured out Vargas...either way, Vargas gave up 5 ER in just 1.7 IP, including a pair of hits by Scutaro

* Racine native Vinny Rotino played the entire game at 1B, filling in for the injured Prince Fielder (who hurt his right quad...probably from that 60-yard dash exercise yesterday)--Rotino went 2-for-5 with a run and an RBI
* Geoff Jenkins was the third player with a multi-hit game, going 2-for-3 off the bench
Lastly, in case you only read my posts and not the comments, a big thanks to both Cory and Eric for reading and noticing my brain skip last night when I posted that the Brewers’ had run 60 yard sprints…in my late night fog, I was thinking that this exercise was to determine the speed to run to first…Cory noted it was 60 yards, and both Cory and Eric pointed out that 60 yards is the distance from home to second (30 yards, or 90 feet, is the distance from home to first, while, as Eric reminded me, 60 feet 6 inches is the distance from the pitcher’s rubber to home plate)…thanks, guys, for reading and for correcting my faulty memory…I blame it on no baseball since October.
David Hannes
Copyright 2007