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A Look at Ryan Braun’s MLB career – kind of…normal! Includes a look at ISO/Aging Curve and HR/FB distances.

I made a rather unfortunate mistake and I can't understand how to fix it, at the moment – some formatting issues. So, here's my article that should be on here, on my very obscure and strange Catlantis blog I haven't used, much. Hope to also transfer it here, sooner than later:

Ryan Braun may or may not receive a suspension, but it is rather interesting to look at his career as a whole, using a couple of different sets of data, and compare it to existing studies on a player's aging curve and how it correlates with Isolated Power, along with some fun with baseball heatmaps from Jeff Zimmerman…and actually a lot of things end up being from Jeff Zimmerman, because I just realized he's everywhere, and he's cool. Also, I hope you remember to read the article since I'm probably being a distraction.




caption: Bud, please retire.