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A Slow Day

Well, today’s Brewers’ game was ra–er, hailed out…a chance for the players to rest. Other than that, no real updates. So I thought I’d do a Google…discovered this CBS Sportsline write-up on the Brewers:
Brewers: Five things to know…an overview:
1. The club is deep…well, if you don’t count sophomores Prince Fielder and Corey Hart, and juniors J.J. Hardy and Rickie Weeks…both of which can hardly be deemed third-year players, as Hardy’s only played one full season, while Weeks has played only parts of two.
2. The defense still sucks.
3. The bullpen will be good…maybe…or maybe not.
4. Graffy will start the year at third, Braun may get a shot later, and Koskie is still woozy. Wowzie.
5. Sheets is healthy…still. No, really. Honestly. 100%. God’s honest truth.
Well, still more encouraging than not.