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All Quiet In Nashville for Brewers

Buried in Adam McCalvy’s Tuesday evening article for MLB.com entitled, “Brewers near deal with reliever Riske,” were some updates on other hot stove rumblings:

General manager Doug Melvin confirmed Tuesday that the Brewers’ interest in Rolen had cooled because of…Rolen’s contract ($36 million over the next three years) and concerns about Rolen’s thrice-repaired left shoulder. An ESPN.com story Tuesday afternoon said it was Chris Capuano, center fielder Bill Hall and a prospect going to St. Louis in the proposed deal.

My take: Good. Rolen is an overpaid baby that stunk last year; Hall still could bounce back and have a great career in Milwaukee.

The Brewers (are also considering) free agent Tadahito Iguchi, most recently of the Phillies…(Iguchi’s) agent Rocky Hall told reporters on Tuesday that the Brewers have shown interest in Iguchi, and “That’s doable, because (Iguchi’s) family is in Chicago.” Iguchi, 33, (hit) .276 with 43 home runs and 181 RBIs in three seasons, though his production dropped off during (in) 2007.

My take: I used to like Iguchi, but he’d have to switch from second base to third base, and Ryan Braun would also need to learn a new position. Better than adding Rolen, but only because we don’t have to give up Hall…neither are great solutions.

“We’ve got two or three (other trades ) that we’re talking about, but they’re not at a level where I think they’d get done here [in Nashville],” said Melvin, who returns to Milwaukee on Thursday night.

My take: Good, just because you are there, you don’t need to make a hasty decision. Trades have been done over the phone and computers before and they are just as valid.

If the Brewers are unable to find a fit, they would leave Braun at third base and use some combination of left-handed hitters Gabe Gross and Tony Gwynn, Jr. and right-handed hitter Joe Dillon in left field, Melvin said.

My take: Notice how they’ve already closed the book on the Kevin Mench era in Milwaukee? At least Gwynn is being given the nod over Mench. Too bad the other 29 GM’s now know that they don’t have to give up anything to get Mench…or could Melvin be bluffing?

(Ryan) Braun: “…I have confidence in my defensive ability and I know I am going to be a good third baseman, but I know it’s a process and it’s going to take a couple of years.

My take: A couple of years??? Groan.

Melvin said the Brewers will probably pass on selecting a player during Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft, but they apparently were considering Jon Baker, a catcher in the Marlins system.

My take: Why does Melvin keep showing his hand? Another team could pick Baker ahead of the Brewers, and try to trade him? Or is this disinformation? I think he is referring to John Baker, the Marlins’ catcher in AAA Albuquerque, who had a .360 OBP in 89 games, with 8 HR’s and a pair of SB’s. Baker will be 27 in January and hit left-handed, a would be a nice balance to the right-handed hitting Jason Kendall. If Baker is still on the board, he’s worth a chance…worst we could do is send him back to Florida.