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Arbitration Wraps Up, Teams Win 2010

With Ryan Theriot’s case being decided Saturday (with the Cubs winning), the 2010 arbitration season has come to a close and Biz of Baseball has the updated arbitration scoreboard.  The results this year?  Five wins for the clubs involved, compared to three wins for the players.

Corey Hart was, of course, one of those three players, and his case likely played a large role in Cody Ross winning his case against the Marlins last week.  The only other player to win their case this winter was Angels catcher Jeff Mathis, who will earn $1.3 million instead of the paltry $700,000 the Angels thought he was worth.  The three cases won by players this winter are the most since 2007, when Miguel Cabrera, Chad Cordero, and Todd Walker were successful in their hearings.

The eight cases that were heard this year were the most since 2008 — a year that also went very well for clubs involved.  They won six of those eight, with only Ryan Howard and Oliver Perez prevailing.  By BoB’s count, the clubs have now won 285 cases all-time, compared to just 210 for the players.  Not a sizeable difference, but odds have generally favored the clubs over the years.

Now that contracts are decided, it’s time to start focusing on baseball, even if it’s been a rainy weekend in Maryvale.