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Attention Cubs Nation

Dear Chicago Cubs and their loyal fans,
My name is Jesse Motiff and I am a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan. Not only have I been a season ticket holder for several years, I also write about the team that I love for MVN. I just wanted to take some time out of a busy pennant race to drop you all a note.
I realize that with only six games left in the season that it will be quite difficult for my Brewers to make up a three game deficit to the beloved Cubs. Should it happen, it would be one of the biggest chokes in baseball history. And since, well, you are the Cubs I still have great faith in this happening. I still believe in Steve Bartman and goat curses. I believe in the ’69 Mets and an error by Leon Durham. Mostly though, I believe in Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and the rest of the Milwaukee Brewers.
Now, with all that being said, I know the odds favor the Cubs winning the NL Central and advancing to the playoffs. The only thing I could say to that would to tell all of you to enjoy it. Enjoy it and hit your knees every night in October and pray for that World Series ring. Because the fact of the matter is, if you don’t get it this year you won’t get it for quite awhile.
You see while your team will be a year older come Spring Training 2008, my Brewers will be a year better. Imagine what kind of numbers Ryan Braun will put up having the chance to play a full season. Corey Hart will have the entire year to work with as well to put up a .300 average and be a 30-30 player. Prince will be Prince and he’ll hit his 50 bombs. You can count on that for the next 7-10 years. Rickie Weeks will be completely healed from a nagging thumb injury that has hindered him for two seasons. Bill Hall will have a season in centerfield under his belt and should be able to turn around his offensive output from this year.
The pitching staff is the real fun part. Granted, Ben Sheets was injured again, but he still has had his best season record wise and he has learned how to pitch a game when he doesn’t have his best stuff. We found two young stud pitchers in Yovani Gallardo and Carlos Villanueva. Not to mention Jeff Suppan, Dave Bush and Claudio Vargas who all won double-digit games for us. Expect GM Doug Melvin to make a serious run at re-signing closer Francisco Cordero who set the team record for saves this season. And don’t forget we had the best minor league system in all of baseball this year, so we have more home-grown help on the way.
It will be very interesting to see what it would be like to see the Chicago Cubs win a World Series. I mean, no one I know can tell me what it’s like. After all, it hasn’t been done since 1908. I mean, shoot, what’s a century anyway? That’s not that long a time in the big scheme of things anyway, is it? Don’t fret North Siders, I only kid because I care. You aren’t the loveable losers for nothing, right?
Jesse Motiff