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Bad Brewers eBay Items

You can find a lot of weird stuff on eBay if you look hard enough, and it’s no different when it comes to Brewers memorabilia.  Sure, anyone can sell an autographed Ryan Braun jersey or stock photos of Prince Fielder, but who really wants that crap?  Here are a few real gems still up for auction:

2001 Luis Lopez Game-Used Jersey

Current/Starting Bid: $149.99
Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to pony up $150 for a jersey worn by career utility man?  In 11 seasons, the journeyman hit an Alcides Escobar-esque .241/.293/.343, but to be fair, he did hit .270/.326/.387 in that 2001 season.  That has to add at least 50 bucks to the value of the jersey, right?

2003 Todd Ritchie Game-Used Jersey

Current/Starting Bid: $49.95
Luis Lopez not obscure enough for you?  How about Todd Ritchie?  Who the hell is that, you might ask.  He’s the right-hander who started five games for the Brewers in 2003, posting a sparkling WHIP of 1.624, allowed 11.4 hits per 9 innings, and struck out 4.8 batters per 9, duh.  Considering he only threw 28.1 innings that season, I’m surprised this can be had for such a low price.  It’s rare, people!

1995 Tim Foli Game-Used Jersey

Current/Starting Bid:
Any casual fan can buy jerseys that were worn by mediocre players, but you can prove that you’re a true hardcore fan by buying this game-worn jersey by a former Brewers’ first base coach!

2009 Eric Arnett Autographed Prospect Rookie Card

Current/Starting Bid: $2.95 (or buy it for $3.95)
Another rare item — something that considers Arnett a top prospect!  Best part: even though it’s autographed, authenticated, and in mint condition, it’s barely worth more than the $2.35 shipping.

2006 Ben Hendrickson Autographed “Future Stars” Card

Starting Bid: $0.99
This card came out the same year he threw this gem against the Twins.  He never pitched another game in the majors.  I would say Hendrickson was the Arnett of the early 2000’s, but at least Hendrickson didn’t stink in Low-A.

Alex Sanchez Autographed Ball and Photo

Starting Bid: $18.95
For just under $20, you can get an autographed ball and photo of the first player to ever get popped for PED use!

2008 Prince Fielder Bobblehead

Current Bid: $3.00
Only including this because the bobblehead is wearing a ridiculous “prince” crown.

Feel free to comment if you have ever bought or own some weird piece of Brewers history.  I find it hard to believe people think they can sell some of this stuff.