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Baseball is Awesome

At some point, even the most bitter Brewers fan has to admit that this has been a wildly entertaining World Series. Baseball’s biggest stage is always prone to hyperbole, and while it’s a stretch to say that Thursday night’s Game 6 was the best or most entertaining World Series game ever, it should at least prove to be the most memorable in awhile.

If you’re a Brewers fan that wants to see the Cardinals fail, that’s fine. I won’t tell you who you can and can’t root for. I just want to know if anyone can say they weren’t entertained by what they saw last night. The win expectancy graph from last night is just bonkers, and there were three (!) players with a WPA over .500 — Josh Hamilton (.539), Lance Berkman (.817), and David Freese (.953). That’s something that just doesn’t happen in the World Series.

Source: FanGraphs

Personally, I don’t care who wins the World Series. I just wanted an entertaining series that would be a fitting end to everything we’ve seen this October, and that’s what we’re getting. It’ll be hard for Game 7 to live up to the hype, but there’s no better way to end what’s been a wild and unpredictable season.