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Benny on the Block

As always, rumors are running rampant this off-season in Major League Baseball. Unlike past years, the Brewers are actually a player this year. They are in the market for a left fielder, relief help and an upgrade in their starting rotation.
The Brewers have an usual amount of depth in the starting rotation, however most of them are low-end rotation type pitchers. Ben Sheets, Chris Capuano, Dave Bush and Claudio Vargas have all been rumored in trade talks. Sheets is the highest profile, most talented pitcher of the bunch. He also is the most injury prone.
The Yankees and Mets have come up the most in talks about Sheets. It appears that the Mets would have the most to send back to Milwaukee. The Yankees are reluctant to send any of their young pitching to Florida for Miguel Cabrera, and I can’t see them sending any of them to Milwaukee either. The Mets could package a reliever and maybe an outfielder for Sheets. Aaron Heilman, John Maine, Phil Humber, Mike Pelfrey, Lastings Milledge and Endy Chavez are all names that have come up. A package of Chavez and Pelfrey is one package I’ve heard. I see Chavez as an older version of Tony Gwynn, but any sort of relief help would be welcomed.
With Sheets’ injury past, Milwaukee is unlikely to get top dollar in return. Their best bet would be to hold onto Sheets until July. If the Brewers are not in the race, they can then trade him for as much as possible before Sheets goes to free agency next winter.
Would you want Ben Sheets on your team? What would you give up for him? Do you think his past injuries are too much of a risk to take on the 29-year old?