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Bill Hall Traded Again

Former Brewer Bill Hall is on the move again. This time, he’s reportedly headed to Boston in a deal for Casey Kotchman.

Why does this concern the Brewers? Because Milwaukee is still paying a significant part of his salary this season. When Hall was traded for minor league pitcher Ruben Flores last season, it was reported that the Brewers were on the hook for Hall’s entire 2009 salary, as well as up to $7.15 million of his $8.4 million salary in 2010.

In this deal, the Red Sox swap out what would’ve been a relatively expensive bench player for one they basically get for free. From Seattle’s perspective, Jack Z essentially turned a 25-year old A-ball pitcher (Flores) into Kotchman, who could be a solid contributor for the M’s. And the Brewers are still paying Hall $7 million to play for someone else…at least he comes off the books after this season.