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Braun Named Jewish Player of the Year

Given there are only 14 Jewish players in the Major Leagues, this probably shouldn’t be a surprise, but Jewish Major Leaguers named Ryan Braun its player of the year on Wednesday. Jewish Major Leaguers is a non-profit organization based out of Massachusetts, so maybe it should be considered a small upset that Kevin Youkilis wasn’t named for the honor. Texas’ Scott Feldman was named the Jewish Pitcher of the Year.

Youkilis won the award last year, with John Grabow nabbing the pitching honors. Braun finished second to Youkilis in the voting for last season’s award, but the Brewers did have a representative elsewhere, with Gabe Kapler winning the Comeback Player award for his reserve role in the Brewers’ outfield during the 2008 season. Kapler struggled this year for Tampa Bay, hitting .239/.329/.439 in 99 games.

Hey, it’s not much, but we’ll settle for some Brewers news over no Brewers news as we get ready to head into the new year.