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Breaking News: Braun takes ROY

MLB.com write-up
In the closest vote ever under the new scoring methodology, Brewers’ third baseman Ryan Braun edged out Colorado Rockies’ shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for 2007 National League Rookie of the Year. Braun was the top vote getter on 17 of the 32 ballots, while Tulowitzki got 15 place votes; but the race bacame a bit more interesting as Braun wound up third on one ballot.
The award comes as a bit of a surprise on a few accounts, mainly that Braun (1) led the majors in errors, but (2) didn’t hit the majors until May 25. But purists likely weighed that Braun hit .324, while Tulowitzki batted only .291, and that Braun hit 34 home runs versus Tulowitzki’s 24 home runs.