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BREAKING NEWS: Brewers add Cameron

The Brewers are rumored to have signed free agent outfielder Mike Cameron on Friday, according to the AP, with an official announcement pending the physical.
Cameron, 35, is a true centerfielder, bats right-handed, and had a 21 HR’s, 78 RBI’s, 18 SB’s, and a .328 OBP with the Padres last season. Cameron will also need to sit out the first 25 games of the ’08 campaign due to having tested positive for banned stimulant for a second time.
On the surface, this move seems to be a low-risk insurance policy: Joe Dillion gets the first 25 games to prove whether he is the right-handed platoon hitter the Brewers need in the outfield and, if not, Dillion gets sent down once Cameron is eligible.
But Cameron is a centerfielder, fueling rumors that 2007 centerfielder Bill Hall will return to the infield as the third baseman, and Ryan Braun will be moved to the outfield.
Memo to Doug: Just move Hall to left field, and put Tony Gwynn, Jr. in centerfield for the first 25 games. Moving Hall again PLUS moving Braun makes ZERO sense–Braun is a third baseman, not an outfielder. Third basemen field line drives and make short, hard throws; outfielders have to gauge distance, look over their shoulder, and then throw 100-150′ to hit a cutoff man…having Braun learn a new position and cut down on his hitting practice will have the same result as what happened to Hall in 2006–lower offensive output.
The Brewers still need to deal a pitcher, and can now do so for a prospect. Hopefully, this move gives Gwynn a shot at playing centerfield to start the year…unfortunately, it also means that Joe Dillion will only get a cup o’ coffee in the Cream City.