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BREAKING NEWS: Fielder (and Holliday) robbed of MVP

In yet another slap to the Milwaukee Brewers, Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies was named the NL MVP Tuesday.
Just before the announcement, I looked at Rollins’ numbers versus Fielder’s–and Prince dominated in the three most important categories–HR’s, RBI’s, and OBP. Fielder’s numbers, respectively, were 50, 119, and .395; Rollins trailed with 30, 94, and .344. True, Rollins scored more runs, 139 to 109, and had 41 SB’s to Fielder’s 2.
As to true value to their respective teams, Fielder was the only Brewer to be fairly consistent throughout the season; Ryan Braun contributed nothing to the Brewers’ hot start in April and May; J.J. Hardy collapsed in the second half, and Corey Hart was spotty.
The Rockies’ Matt Holliday hit 36, 137, and .405, with 120 runs and 11 SB’s, leading the NL in both RBI’s and BA…honestly, anyone that wins 2 of the 3 Triple Crown categories should get the MVP award, even if he did get some measure of protection in the line-up from Brad Hawpe and Todd Helton. Chase Utley and Pat Burrell had much higher OBP’s than Rollins, as did Ryan Howard. Rollins’ .985 fielding percentage is hardly worthy of MVP honors, either.
Prince and Matt–you wuz robbed.