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BREAKING NEWS: Hall signs 4-year, $24 million deal

Adam McCalvy’s write-up Haudricourt’s write-up Haudricourt reported:

  1. The deal buys out all three of Hall’s arbitration years, plus one extra, and
  2. The contract includes an option for a 5th year, 2011, for $9.25 million
  3. Hall will get $3.5 million in ’07 ($0.5 million as a signing bonus), $4.8 million next year, $6.8 million in ’09, then $8.4 million in ’10…or $23.5 million, plus a guaranteed $0.5 million should the Brewers’ opt out of the option year, for the $24.0 million total.

Robert speculated that Hall could be worth about $11 million per season in a long-term deal…this deal, assuming that the option is exercised, would total $32.75 million over 5 years, or $6.55 million per year. No word if incentive clauses were included. Overall, I think the Brewers’ made out great on this deal…of course, they are taking on the risk that Hall will improve and not get injured, something that has bitten them in the past…the best part, however, is that Hall will be a Brewer for the next four years. David Hannes Copyright 2007