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Breaking News: Sheets to open season!!!!!

{sarcasm off}
The latest from brewers.com:
1. Sheets will be the Opening Day starter
2. Capuano is #2 in the rotation, and Bush #4
3. Villanueva is going to make the parent club as a reliever, at least to start the season
4. Ben Hendrickson gets to suffer in the Royals organization now
One advantage of being a blogger is that I can be overly critical…so here goes;
1. Suppan should be the #2 over Capuano–for reasons listed a long time ago, including better finish to last season, more innings logged, and getting paid more money.
2. Vargas should be the #4 starter over Bush–for the same reasons as listed above.
3. Villanueva should be a starter in Nashville, not a bench warmer in the bullpen.
4. Dealing Hendrickson was smart…until you realize that, without Villanueva, Nashville’s rotation now has two holes in it–Sarfate, Jackson, Gallardo should grow in AAA this year…but is the Crew forcing others to pitch there that aren’t ready?
David Hannes
Copyright 2007