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Brewer Trivia For Pi Day


Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time around the baseball blogosphere knows that most of us are geeks. We know that, and we don’t really care: Hell, a lot of us are proud of it. If you spent any time on Twitter today, you saw the geekiness come out in full force in the celebration of today being Pi Day. (Pi = 3.14, today is 3/14. Comprende?)

Among the various tributes out there, I’ve always enjoyed Wezen Ball’s listing of players with a “Pi (π) career” (guys who had some stat total 3.14 or .314 or 314 for their career) best. So, I figured we could do the same thing, only with Brewer players who finished at some multiple of the number for a single season. Even if you’re not the kind of person who spends their Saturday nights on Hotmath.com, hopefully you’ll come out of this enlightened, or at least a little bit amused:

(I would start with birthdays, but there are none. Of the 44 major leaguers born on Pi Day, not a single one has suited up in a Milwaukee uniform. It’s really too bad.)

— First off, a Brewer legend. In 1989, Robin Yount had 314 total bases.

— Next, a man who is no stranger to pie and has become a legend among Brewer fans in his own right: Ruben Quevedo. In addition to Quevedo’s circular physique, opposing batters hit a rotund .314 against him in 2003. (Incidentally, he was also the starting pitcher at the first Brewer game I saw in person.)

— In 1995, pitcher Bill Wegman faced exactly 314 batters as a reliever and occasional starter, in the last of his ten years with the Brew Crew. — In 1984, reserve outfielder Bobby Clark played 314 innings in the field.

— In 1971, four-corner guy Andy Kosco did the same. It would be his only season in Milwaukee.

— Not a stat, but in 2004, right-hander Wes Obermueller earned $314,000 as a member of the Crew.

If anyone knows of anything else that we can add here, throw me or the blog an email or tweet.