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Brewers’ 2013 Schedule Boasts Exciting, Interesting Changes

The Milwaukee Brewers’ 2013 schedule has been released, and there are certainly some interesting elements to it.  The Oakland A’s make their first-ever visit to Miller Park and the Brewers will make a trip out to Seattle for the first time in over 10 years.  What strikes me the most is that part of the change from a 16/14 MLB league split to a 15/15 split (with Houston becoming an American League team in 2013) involves playing some two-game series that in the past have been quite unusual.  The Brewers play the Minnesota Twins at home on May 27-28, but then the next two days (May 29-30) they play the Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis.  That is a far cry from the home-and-home, three-game series we’ve seen in past years that are typically a week or two apart at least.  No, instead it will be four straight games for the Brewers against the Twinkies, featuring both ballparks.  That is pretty cool.  Just one, long series clash for the ‘regional rivals’ and get it over with, eh?    

The new prevalence of interleague play will certainly take some transition time, but for the Brewers next year the switch to interleague play will start around the same time as in the past (May), but last, intermittently, until September.  The new changes affect teams differently, however, exemplified by the fact that the Twins are scheduled to play the New York Mets in mid-April.  For the Brewers, the new-fangled interleague setup doesn’t seem like a very drastic change, aside from an odd two-game-series, home-and-home matchup with the Texas Rangers that features part one in May and the second in August.  Oh yeah, they’ll also play the Anaheim Angels (as I prefer to call them) in late August into early September.  They do play Houston as well in 2013, but it will take a while before it becomes normal to think of the Astros as an American League team.  By the time July rolls around, the Brewers will have played every team in the National League.  In addition, July features no interleague play for the Brewers.  The new changes for 2013 are definitely sweeping and formidable, but the Brewers have a pretty benign run of it for the first year.  Basically, they play the AL West next year, along with Minnesota.  The full schedule can be seen here; 20 games against the AL…not a big deal and kind of intriguing…it shakes things up a bit.