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Brewers Ban Junk Food in Minors

If you’re a Brewers minor leaguer, the list of banned substances just got a lot longer. Among the items that are now barred from the clubhouse:

Soda (regular and diet), snack cakes, pizza, bologna, Pop Tarts, cheese puffs, sugary drinks (with the exception of Gatorade), cookies/cakes/desserts, energy drinks, Twizzlers, salami, fried cheese curds, fried mozzarella sticks, potato chips, Slim Jims, Skittles, hot dogs, nachos, all packaged and processed junk foods, and all non-NSF supplements like 5-Hour Energy, Monster, and Rock Star.

It’s part of the Brewers’ expanded nutritional guidelines (h/t Brewerfan.net), and considering the rash of injuries suffered across all levels so far this season, perhaps it’s not a terrible idea to get the guys eating healthier. It should be clarified that the team isn’t completely banning these “illegal substances” — players are still allowed to buy them with their own money and eat them if they wish — but they’ll no longer be able to store them in refrigerators, lockers, or any place else in the clubhouse.

It’s a small step, but it’s one that makes sense. I’m just glad I’m not a player. Now pass the cheese curds, please.