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Brewers Bar Fantasy Baseball League

One of the main things me and Andy wanted to do when we took over the site was keep up with the blog’s tradition of high-quality writing while trying to interact with fans more. In the past week, we’ve ramped up our use of Facebook and have gotten a new email and Twitter.

Now, we’re starting up a fantasy baseball league.   This is the league, and you can join by clicking here (and signing in with/creating a yahoo account and sending me an email) or just by emailing the blog saying you want to join: We’ll send you an invite either way. The scoring is pretty much standard roto, and we plan to draft (live for those who can make it) next Saturday the 25th at 1 PM. We have ten spots open in the league, and hopefully there’s enough interest that we’ll be able to fill them all without too much trouble. Even if you haven’t played fantasy baseball before, give this a look and see what you think: We hope this will be fun for everyone involved, and if you have questions, you can email the blog or me directly.