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I raved about how the Brewers drew 5 walks against Derek Lowe on opening day at Miller Park, and was convinced that it was the next step in a burgeoning offense. Since then, the team has drawn just 14 more free passes in 6 games, a paltry 2.33 per game. Weeks, Hall, and Hardy all have three a piece, which puts them on pace for 70 each. If that happens, I’ll be happy. In the meantime, Prince needs to control the strike zone a bit better — 2 BB and 9 SO is not so good in 7 games. My over/under on Suppan’s ERA stands at 4.50. Suppan’s WHIP (1.46) is exactly twice that of Ben Sheets (0.73), who despite only having 6 K, has yet to walk a batter, and has allowed only 11 baserunners in 15 IP. He’ll have a big year, believe me. I thought for a second that maybe Benny would have to settle into a career as a control guy, but then I remembered that his fastball is still sitting at 94-95 and touching 98. He still hasn’t found his curve this year, possibly due to slightly altered mechanics from the injuries. He will, and he will dominate. Prediction: Sheets, Jake Peavy, and Rich Hill all end up in the top 5 in Cy Young voting. Is anyone going to the Indians v. Angels? I’m there Wednesday nacht. This is probably dumb for MLB, but great for baseball fanatics in Milwaukee, who will get to enjoy any seat they can get their hands on for just $10. The Tribe is my AL team this year, and I will be very happy not to have to root/route/rute against them, and to NOT have to see Pronk play 1B just to get ABs. I’ll be there in my Mrs. Sizemore shirt. (Image: http://www.cleveland.com) Here’s a question, why the hell is Corey Hart constantly trying to bunt? From what I’ve seen, he’s hitting the ball hard and often. It’s a shame that they bat him 7th, and even then only 2 of every three games so that Mench can get PAs. The only good thing that can come of this is that Mench builds enough trade value early on that we can ship him well before the deadline (like in May (to the Cubs (when Cliff Floyd’s legs fall off))). Yost has to maintain a delicate balance in order to do that. Does he bench Mench (with a name like that, he was meant to be benched) at the first sign of struggle to maintain an appearance of success? He can’t let Corey rot in the meantime, and he can’t afford to not play Jenkins right now, who is hitting better than any other Brewer. Good luck, Ned, our heart goes with you. Counsell and Graffafanninionno are both in the starting lineup tonight, at 3B and 2B respectively. Vargas gets the start against a guy who probably has the best name ever for a baseball player (or human being for that matter), Henricus Vanden Hurk, a Dutchmen (that means he’s from the Netherlands, I think). Also a good name, Braves catching prospect, Jarrod Saltalamacchia.