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Brewers Developing a Pattern
MLB: Brewers vs Nationals APR 16

It’s becoming a bit of a trend, isn’t it?

With Saturday’s shutout loss to Livan Hernandez and the Nationals, the Brewers have now lost three straight series in similar fashion.  Against St. Louis, they let a win slip away in the series opener (the Nick Stavinoha game), were demolished in game 2, and salvaged a win in the series finale. 

Against the Cubs, they were drubbed in the first game (the Davis start), let a win slip away in the late innings (Hawkins part 1), and stole a win on getaway day.

So far against the Nationals, they’ve lost another close one in the late innings (Hawkins part 2), and got crushed.

Obviously, losing 2 out of 3 every time won’t make fans very happy, especially when you’re consistently so close to winning 2 out of 3.  While the Nats series is already lost, at the very least, we can take solace in the fact that the Brewers should win this afternoon, right?

The past week has been less than fun, but as I’ve said before, it’s not like the losses have been the result of a big collection of suck, so to speak.  They’re not the kind of team that will consistently lose 2 out of 3 every time this year.  Of the current 7 losses, we’ve had three late-inning bullpen failures and three games in which the Brewers never really had a fighting chance.  The remaining loss was the season opener to Ubaldo Jimenez, who became the first Rockies pitcher to ever throw a no-hitter last night.

There’s still plenty of time to right the ship, and if another current trend holds up, the Brewers should beat the Nats this afternoon — they haven’t lost a series finale yet this season.