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Brewers didn’t want Estrada, Mets didn’t want Mota

So the Brewers and Mets make a trade and both teams’ fans couldn’t be happier.
The Brewers get rid of a catcher that couldn’t throw out runners and seemed to be a clubhouse cancer. All that while not living up to his billing as a career .300 hitter.
The Mets get rid of a middle reliever that was suspended for steroids and whom Mets fans see as a major reason why they lost the NL East.
The trade also signifies the imminent signing of catcher Jason Kendall. Kendall is a shell of his former self both offensively and defensively. His biggest asset is being a quality clubhouse leader. He won’t cause trouble and will be a good leader for the still young Brewers.
I’m a bit disappointed that we are settling for Kendall. I would have been willing to trade any offense from a catcher for a great defensive back-stop.
Hopefully the Crew can still get Cordero to come back or maybe sneak up and grab Torii Hunter away from the White Sox or Rangers as has been reported.