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Brewers draft Lawrie with first pick

By now, most diehard Brewers’ fans have learned that Doug Melvin & Co. selected Canadian high school catcher Brett Lawrie with their first pick (16th overall) in Thursday’s June draft. It is not clear if the Brewers intend to continue his career as a catcher, as they have several other young catchers in the system, plus Lawrie has only recently spent extensive time at the catcher position…my guess is that they’ll start him as a catcher, see how he progresses, and then decide from there. I would also guess that Lawrie will bypass the Rookie League teams in Arizona and Helena, and probably start at Brevard County, assuming he can reach a deal quickly.
The Brewers had 6 of the top 62 picks in the draft, thanks to supplemental picks for losing Francisco Cordero and Scott Linebrink to free agency. Of these six picks, the Brewers took four pitchers, a centerfielder, and Lawrie. The centerfielder was Cutter Dykstra, Lenny’s kid. Of the other four picks from Thursday, the Brewers took two more pitchers, another centerfielder, and a shortstop. Of the 10, exactly half were high schoolers and half were college players.