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Brewers Grab Jungmann, Bradley in Round 1

The Brewers had two picks in Monday night’s first round, and as has become normal, the two guys they wound up with were a bit of a surprise compared to most of the mock drafts. Introducing your new Baby Brewers (you know, assuming they actually sign this year):

RHP Taylor Jungmann, Texas
– 6’6″, 220 lbs
– Big 12’s Pitcher of the Year
Named to Baseball America’s Freshman All-American team in 2009, All-American team in 2010
– Finalist for Golden Spikes Award

Perfect Game Scouting Snippet:

Jungmann is a power pitcher with a fastball that sits at 93-95 mph, peaks at 98 and has good sinking action. But he is not considered one of the premier strikeout pitchers in a very deep class of college arms in this year’s draft.

If there is a knock on Jungmann, it’s his high-effort delivery with noticeable violence in his upper half. He has a distinct downward head jerk at the point of release, creating an undesired bobbing motion. But he gains an advantage from his unique, deceptive delivery as his arm speed accelerates from the top of his throwing arc. Scouts have long said he will need to simplify his mechanics as he advances, but Jungmann has never had command issues or trouble repeating his delivery, or even the hint of a sore arm. In fact, he has actually thrown more quality strikes this year than ever before.

What they’re saying about the pick:

Jeff Sackmann: Jungmann would’ve been my pick for the Brewers as well. Absolute groundball machine. Not far from the big leagues.

Kevin Goldstein: Jungmann might now be the sexiest guy on a scouting level, but he’s big, has solid to plus stuff across the board and is NEVER bad. ERA under one for much of the year.

Jim Bowden: Jungmann is 92-94 mph 6-6 225….delivery getting better which is resulting with better slider…not always consistent release point….3rd of rotation type starter…inning eater

Kendall Rogers: Like the Brewers taking Jungmann. He’s extremely smooth, makes things look effortless, and is a big kid that has proven to be durable.

Kendall Rogers: Here’s our scouting video on Jungmann: http://www.vimeo.com/20669889

David Rawnsley: I’m a huge fan of Jungmann. I just hope that the Brewers don’t start messing with his pitching mechanics, which are not what any pitching coach would call standard/normal. He’s getting drafted on what he does now, which is outstanding. Please don’t try to get him to not throw cross body! That would be an arm injury waiting to happen.

First Impressions: It was a little underwhelming when the pick was announced, but only because I had talked myself into Sonny Gray. There’s nothing really wrong with the Jungmann pick — he was probably going to the Mets with the next pick in the draft, so it’s not an overdraft — but most people don’t seem to think he has much of a ceiling. That’s not a knock on him or his stuff, though — what you see is pretty much what we’re going to get from him, and it’s hard to argue with the kind of success he’s had. He’s the type that should rocket through the system once he starts playing professionally, but considering Texas’ history of riding their pitchers hard, I wouldn’t count on him starting his pro career until next spring. Solid, safe pick that’s unlikely to cause regrets.

LHP Jed Bradley, Georgia Tech
– 6’4″, 224 lbs
– 106 strikeouts in 98 innings this year
– Second Team All-ACC in 2010 and 2011
– Native of Huntsville, Alabama, home to Brewers’ AA affiliate

Perfect Game Scouting Snippet:

Bradley has only refined his raw stuff since (summer ball), and worked with a 91-94 mph fastball, 81-84 curve and low-80s changeup in most of his outings this spring. His smooth delivery and refined mechanics, along with his ability to command all his pitches has finally set him apart from other college arms and he will be duly rewarded for his quiet rise up the prospect ranks in this year’s draft.

What they’re saying about the pick:
Jim Bowden: Brewers selection of Jed Bradley was a steal here

Jeff Sackmann: Wow — Jed Bradley to the Brewers. Very surprised that Sonny Gray is still on the board.

Kevin Goldstein: Bradley has the kind of size and velocity that’s hard to find in a lefty, but he was a disappointment for much of the year, especially down the stretch. I prefer Barnes, and I’m not even a huge Barnes fan.

Jim Bowden: Jed Bradley throws low 90’s with a plus slider and a solid change from left side….needs to work on command and change….but solid pick for Milw here…should be quick to big leagues and be ready when Wolf departs

Patrick Ebert: Brewers bias alert: Love that pick. I really like the way Bradley pitches.

Kendall Rogers: Other than MLB network incorrectly calling Bradley the GT staff “ace” I like that pick. Jed reminds me of a left-handed Gerrit Cole size-wise. Not quite as good as Cole obviously, but solid.

Patrick Ebert: They will probably need both [Jungmann and Bradley] after next year when Marcum and Greinke become free agents. Not sure either pitches this summer given their workloads this spring, but also happy the Brewers, just like the D-Backs at #7, didn’t reach for a signability pick.

Kendall Rogers: Here’s our scouting video of Bradley: http://www.vimeo.com/22370325

David Rawnsley: (Responding to comment on should Brewers fans be excited) You should be thrilled! Quality ML starters are very hard to find, the Brewers just traded their entire farm system to acquire two of them. Then they go out and get 2 in the draft.

Jim Callis: Forgot all about Jed Bradley for a moment! Silly me. #Brewers get a nice LHP who might have gone top five a month ago. #mlbdraft

First Impressions: I thought I was surprised when the Brewers took Jungmann with their first pick. It was hard to imagine the Brewers ever ending up with Bradley, mostly because so many people had him going in the first 5-10 picks. His college numbers are underwhelming, but it’s hard to argue with the stuff, especially coming from a left-hander. Like Jungmann, he shouldn’t have to spend too much time in the minors, and should be a solid starter in the big leagues.

Overall Day 1 Thoughts: Not too many people had Jungmann and Bradley going to the Brewers, and plenty of people are going to be disappointed with this haul considering what else was available. In a draft that was built up as being one of the deepest in years, the Brewers seemingly passed on high ceiling players in favor of sure things. Considering the state of the farm system, it could be argued that the Brewers dropped the ball by failing to add those high-ceiling players — it will be hard for a lot of people to get excited about a pair of pitchers that profile as #3 starters when the system is already filled with reserve types. At the same time, though, the Brewers can’t really afford any more prospect failures. They need to get major leaguers out of this draft, and if you ask most people, that’s exactly what they did.

I would’ve loved seeing Sonny Gray put on a Brewers cap at a press conference, but it’s entirely possible that the Brewers looked at him and only saw a guy who would eventually have to move to the bullpen. It also seems likely that Jungmann and Bradley weren’t at the top of the Milwaukee draft board, given all the attention they paid to Javier Baez, who wound up going to the Cubs. Taylor Guerreri was another name that was linked to the Brewers, and while he by far has a higher ceiling than anyone the Brewers will take this year, there are also apparently character issues at play, and high school pitchers are always risky picks.

In the end, the Brewers’ picks of Jungmann and Bradley weren’t as exciting as some of the other possibilities, but they aren’t bad picks, either. They’re just boring, safe picks that nobody will truly criticize. It’s like taking an offensive lineman in the first round of the NFL draft. We really need to see how the rest of the draft plays out before we pass judgment on The Most Important Draft In Years, but at the very least Bruce Seid & Co. are off to a solid start.