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Brewers Most Improved in Bodog Odds

The Brewers’ busy offseason has resulted in a shift in their World Series odds, but it doesn’t look like Bodog is ready to completely buy into Milwaukee as a contender just yet.

The gambling website has the Brewers at 28/1 to win it all in 2011. As Business Insider notes, that’s a vast improvement from the 65/1 odds they were given the day after the 2010 World Series ended — in fact, it was the biggest positive change in the league. Washington is in a distant second place, seeing their odds improve from 80/1 to 65/1 after their surprise signing of Jayson Werth.

The San Diego Padres saw the biggest drop in odds following their trade of Adrian Gonzalez, falling from 20/1 to 40/1. An inactive offseason has cost the Yankees the title of odds-on favorites, as they’ve fallen from 4/1 odds to 6/1. Philadelphia now holds that title at 3.5/1. The Red Sox are now in second place after adding Gonzalez and Carl Crawford at 4.5/1 odds to win the Series.

How did the other NL Central clubs compare? St. Louis is 20/1, Cincinnati is 25/1, Chicago is 35/1, Houston is 75/1, and Pittsburgh is 150/1 — still the worst odds in the majors.

Vegas still has their doubts…are any of you feeling lucky with those odds?