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Brewers On Pace for Attendance Records

The Brewers sold 98,000 tickets on Saturday as part of the Arctic Tailgate event, the first day on which fans could buy single-game tickets. Tom Haudricourt notes that a total of three games are already sold out — predictably, one is the home opener, and the other two are against the Cubs.

Considering the Brewers already broke the 1 million tickets sold mark back in January, odds are that the team will approach the 3 million fan mark again this season. The last time they sold tickets at this pace — the 2009 season, following the postseason appearance in 2008 — they broke that 3 million barrier and average about 37,500 a game. With a 60% chance of seeing one of Zack Greinke, Yovani Gallardo, or Shaun Marcum this year, it’s probably a safe bet that the Brewers will hit those marks again this year.

It should be interesting tracking the attendance numbers this season, because if things go according to plan, there’s a good chance 2008’s franchise attendance record of 3,068,458 could fall. To beat that mark, the Brewers would have to average more than the 37,882 the playoff-bound squad brought in per game. The biggest reason the record could fall? Greinke and Marcum are starting the year with the team, while the Sabathia-led charge of 2008 started in early July. Attendance should be high right out of the chute this year, especially if the team can start hot.