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Brewers reportedly sign LaPorta.

News Press in Florida reports that first round draft pick Matt LaPorta has agreed to sign with the Brewers.
LaPorta said he preferred to keep the amount of his signing bonus private. The MLB-recommended bonus is around $2.3million. Although the Brewers selected LaPorta well before where he was expected to go, his agent is the dreaded Scott Boras, so I thought that those two things would cancel out and produce something close to the recommended bonus. That remains to be seen, but we’ll probably know by tomorrow.
This mlb.com article from Friday said the sides were close and that LaPorta was anxious to get going. It also reports, much to my disappointment, that the newly-dubbed left fielder will start his pro career at Low-A West Virginia, and might remain there for the rest of the year.
In light of this, I’m going to make a prediction: Doug Melvin will exercise Geoff Jenkins‘ 2008 club option for $9million.
Jim Powell was suggesting that we might get to see LaPorta in Milwaukee tomorrow, as is the Brewers’ custom with new first round draft picks. He might take batting practice with the big club, which means I’ll be getting to the park asap.
To get to see him take some swings would be the icing on the cake that will be tomorrow night’s game. Regardless of the result of the game, I/we will witness a nearly all homegrown team fielded vs. the Giants. Probable lineup:


Only Estrada is an import. How awesome is that?
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Prince Fielder just hit an inside-the-park HR thanks to the Metrodome roof and Lew Ford‘s awful fielding. It’s 9-8 now; two on, no outs. Amazing. Corey Hart with 2 HRs today. Win or lose, I can’t wait to blog this game. It’s been a great one.