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Brewers’ rumors I’ve heard lately

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post…and I have to make this one quick.  Here are some of the rumors I’ve heard lately:
1. Doug Melvin is not interested in extending his GM contract past 2009.  I saw this in the Sports section of one of the Madison papers lying around the break room (someone else was reading it, and I had to go before he was done with it).  Somewhere else I read that Melvin is mad at Brewers’ owner Mark Attanasio making him the fall guy for the Yost firing, so Melvin wants to try his luck in another organization.  My take: Melvin might still be a bit miffed, but he’s worked too hard and too long to let this topple his quest to bring a World Series champion to Milwaukee…Melvin will probably wind up with a 3-year extension (with a club option for a 4th year) for around $15 million or so.
2. Brewers’ owner Mark Attanasio wants to have Melvin’s deal worked out before next week–so Melvin can negotiate with Dale Sveum and others with some idea of how long he’ll be there.  This was reported in JSOnline.com, I believe, and makes sense–after all, any candidate would want to know how long the GM plans to stay.
3. Trade rumors include the Prince Fielder and J.J. Hardy to the Giants for Matt Cain (which I doubt), or Rickie Weeks being dealt. Face it, Weeks just had surgery on a meniscus tear last Monday…the market value for a .234 hitter is pretty slim to begin with…and much more so for one with a knee injury.
4. Melvin and Attanasio are going to make a serious offer to bring CC Sabathia back, according to Jon Heyman at SI.com. I’m glad to see them wanting to at least try to bring back Sabathia, but Sabathia will almost certainly get more than Johan Santana’s $137.5 million, 6-year deal; possibly a 5-year, $135-$145 million deal. The Brewers might be able to go to $100 million over five years with incentives, maybe $110…I just don’t think they have the cash.
5. Speaking of cash…no word on how much money principal owner Mark Attanasio and his partners lost due to the collapsing credit and stock markets. I imagine they’ll post a profit with the Brewers…hopefully they’ll decide there is less risk investing on One Miller Way than on Wall Street. Of course, if fans are still pinching pennies come April, higher ticket prices may lead to lower ticket sales…especially if the team is not competitive.
6. The Bleacher Report has made predictions on Milwaukee’s free agents, predicting that returnees will include Mike Cameron (I agree), Craig Counsell (possibly, but he’d have to take a pay cut), Ray Durham (possibly, but would also require a cut…but a great idea if Weeks isn’t 100% come February), Mike Lamb (only if they can deal Hall and his contract), Guillermo Mota (let’s hope not…I think Melvin will pass), and Salomon Torres (likely, as he has at least some experience closing). They have Sabathia, Sheets, Gagne, Branyan, Kapler, and Shouse all leaving…I think they have a shot at re-signing Gagne for about $4 million for a set-up role, but only if no other team takes a flyer on him; I can see Kapler getting a 2-year, $5 million deal, however, and return to be the primary backup outfielder.
Anyone hear any other juicy tidbits?