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Brewers’ “soft” as Prince’s tofu

Well, the first week of spring training is almost in the books, and, so far, other than the Gallardo injury, most of the news out of the Brewers’ camp is what they call “soft” news:

Of course, it’s this last point that has Brewers’ fans worried. Prince is a man’s man–a Wisconsin man…or at least he was. You know, the kind of guy that grills up a couple 1/3 lb. ground chuck burgers on Saturday, only to wash it down with a nice Porterhouse or Prime Rib (yes, we capitalize those here in Wisconsin) on Sunday evening. Now it’s Boca Burgers (R), hummus, and kohlrabi. Is that a diet for a growing home run king? How is this going to look in the national media? “After the game, we caught up with Prince Fielder, chowing down on a “Not” dog and some soy nuts.” Sigh. Didn’t Babe Ruth teach us anything…or Todd Marinovich? Where is Pete Vuckovich when you need him? Gorman Thomas…help! You’re playing in a blue-collar, meat and potatoes kind of town. Whose going to look up to you now? Not the beefy kids in Cudahy and Racine. Nah, it’ll be the soccer players from Whitefish Bay, and the wheat germ shake guzzling soccer players from Madison. Who knows…maybe this will work. Prince could be hitting 3rd, so he’ll need to be svelt to replicate that inside the park home run from last year…maybe four or five times in 2008. Stolen bases–maybe 50 this year! Home runs? Well…. Prince…do us a favor–just say “no” to HGH…but “yes” to the rib-eyes.