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Brewers squander chance to gain ground (yet again)

It is getting harder and harder not to get completely irritated with the Brewers.
Just like yesterday, the Cubs lose before the Brewers’ game is finished. Just like yesterday, the Brewers don’t capitalize on their chance to gain ground, losing to the Padres, 9-5.
Speaking of 5’s, that was also the number of errors Milwaukee had on the night.
Starter Yovani Gallardo can accept a little blame–he gave up 5 runs in 5 IP. But only 3 of those runs were earned, and he fanned 7 on the night. Despite scoring 5 runs, the Brewers only collected 6 hits…with 2 apiece by Rickie Weeks and J.J. Hardy. The number 5-9 hitters didn’t get any hits.
Interim manager Dale Sveum (Ned Yost got a one game suspension for ordering last night’s plunking of Albert Pujols) then opted for Seth McClung (who also got suspended, but was able to appeal his)…McClung gave up 2 runs (1 earned) in an inning plus of work (McClung pitched a scoreless 6th, but walked former Brewer Brady Clark and then saw Oscar Robles reach on one of Ryan Braun’s 3 errors on the night). I’m still curious as to the rationale to go to McClung in the first place, but then let him pitch into a second inning…this was a guy that couldn’t crack the Devil Rays’ bullpen, remember?
Anyway, it was the Padres 9-2 after 6½…Rickie Weeks made it interesting with a 2-run shot in the 7th, his second of the night, while Ryan Braun added a solo shot…but that was all she wrote.100_0555.jpg
Cubs’ lead remains at 2, with the magic number down to 2. The Cubs now clinch at least a tie for the division with just one win in their remaining three games, or with a Brewers loss.