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Brewers Stay Hot in South Florida

In a word, righteous. Being a Floridian via transplant I certainly feel as if I have lucked out by catching the Brewers at what is seemingly their road “warrior” peak thus far.

I was hyped from the time the lineups were posted. Although the batting order could stand to have a few tweaks still (arguably), having all A- list hands on deck is always a good thing.

From a Marlins perspective, if there’s one more thing that could keep people from attending games here, it’s knowing that Chris Volstad (aka the NL’s Dice K) is taking the mound. Though he was arguably the most efficient he has been this season, there was still quite a painstaking amount of time between pitches and an over-zealous delivery which regardless of runs scored had the Brewers making substantial contact through out.

Onto Yo’s significance, this was indeed his fifth straight win in as many starts and after a bumpy introduction to 2011 he looks as good as ever against proficient bats all around the league.

One South Floridian can not so easily forget Nyjer Morgan’s history in this ballpark either, where he was part of a relatively epic brawl as a National, which coincidentally also involved Marlins starter Chris Volstad. The biggest “effec”t of this was obviously his home run of the oppo variety making him the 2nd-3rd most unlikely guy to really get into one this week in which Juan Pierre hit his bi-decadent tater as well.

As we all have access to the results, time is indeed on Milwaukee’s side. A laundry list of injuries at a time of overall strife for the Marlins certainly allow the Brewers to make up some ground on road wins that have previously escaped them. After a short layover and a few choice brews, I’ll be at the yard bright and early tomorrow morning, and I will NOT forget the camera this time.

Pictures and more in depth coverage to come as the weekend progresses.