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Brewers turning it around away from home

With the Brewers heading out on the road again for a quick six-game trip through Houston and St. Louis, the topic of the their road record is sure to come up again sometime in the next week. Yes, it’s ugly. No matter how you slice it, 21-35 isn’t going to look good, and barring some bizarre winning streak, the road record is doomed to look bad at the end of the year.

If you only look at the overall record, though, you’re going to miss the fact that they’ve been better on the road as of late. When the Brewers wrapped up the month of May with a 7-2 win over the Reds in Cincinnati, they had a road record of just 9-18. Since that point, the Brewers have gone 12-17 on the road. That’s hardly anything to be thrilled about, but it is a marked improvement over the way they started the year.

It’s been said that the Brewers need to be more consistent on the road if they want to truly stay in contention in the NL Central race. While it’s true that the Brewers could start to run away with the division if they were just able to play .500 baseball on the road the rest of the way, that may not even be necessary, because the rest of the division hasn’t exactly been full of world-beaters on the road, either.

Here’s how the Brewers’ 12-17 on the road since June 1 stacks up with the rest of the division’s contenders:

Cardinals: 12-16 (30-29 overall on the road)
Pirates: 12-13 (28-27 overall)
Reds: 12-14 (24-30 overall)

Of course, none of those teams had to deal with six games in Boston and the Bronx during Interleague play, but I digress.