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Brewers’ ‘Youniform’ Contest Whittles A Winner

(Ben's design.  Credit: Brewers.com)

The Milwaukee Brewers have revealed the three finalist entries in their ‘Design a Youniform’ contest, and fans are to help narrow those down in online voting to close on January 22.  Fans can vote here.  An eight-judge panel will rule on the winner, though, and the fan vote counts as only one judge.  Other judges include GM Doug Melvin, closer John Axford, and others.  The finalists whose submissions will be judged are to travel to Milwaukee and be on hand for the ‘Brewers On Deck’ event on January 27, when the winner will be crowned. 

Apparently only one Wisconsin resident made the final three, as there is also a gentleman from just across the border in Richfield, MN, as well as one from Catonsville, MD, which is near Baltimore.  All three of the designs are pretty good, but I like the second one best (by Ben of Richfield, MN).  It has a unique script across the front, as well as a killer sleeve patch featuring the state logo and Owgust, the Barrel Man.  I’ve definitely been in the camp that thinks the Barrel Man should be featured on the sleeve patch as a fixture, and Ben’s design knocks it out of the park.  On the Brewers’ current uniforms, the state logo is featured but the modern version of the state logo with the cursive ‘M’ is just too blotchy-looking for me.  It’s not neat.  Plus, the ‘M’ on the sleeve seems repetitive when you can also see it on the caps and batting helmets, and on the script of the word ‘Milwaukee’ on the road uniforms.  Ben’s design eliminates that by representing the state of Wisconsin but also that distinctly Milwaukeean character, the Barrel Man.  Plus, to seal the deal, the Barrel Man is featured on the cap of that design.  I also like the colors of this submission; they’re more in tune with what the team currently wears on the field most of the time. 

The third design, by Nicholas of Madison, is also very good.  The ‘Milwaukee’ script across the front is classic and the extreme gold of the jerseys is both a little bit ‘beer league’ but also very memorable.  I like what Nicholas has done with the caps.  He goes retro with the old state logo with the block ‘M’ and the star.  That version of the state logo isn’t seen very often anymore. 

Finally, Ron, from Catonsville, MD, has a very user-friendly and powerful design, though I find it to be a bit of a hodgepodge.  It features the Barrel Man on the sleeve and the old ball-and-glove logo on the breast and on the caps.  I like this design, but to me it’s a little predictable and less exciting than the others.  Ron’s submission also makes a point to feature matching socks. 

I have argued before that the Barrel Man should be better represented on Brewers uniforms and two of these feature the anthropomorphic keg.  But the second design just goes to the extremes I’d dreamed of with a great sleeve patch as well as Owgust on the caps.  Vote for Ben’s design, or your favorite, today.  The chosen uniforms will be worn in a March 22 spring-training game versus the Cubs but also against the Chicago White Sox at Miller Park in an exhibition game on March 30.  How cool is that?  The Brewers continue to impress with their great contests and fan interaction.