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Brewers’ arb figures released

We have the dollar amounts for the 4…er, 3, Brewers that went to arbitration (Seth McClung signed a one-year deal before figures were exchanged and will make $1.6625 million, or 5% less than the $1.75 million I estimated).

Prince Fielder
’08 Salary: $670,000
Actual/Predicted Club Offer: $6.0 million/$6.0 million
Actual/Predicted Player Request: $8.0 million/$8.5 million
…according to JSOnline.com.

Wow…I’ve never been dead on with one figure, and so close with another…don’t worry, I’ll be the first to admit it is luck…even before looking at Hart’s and Week’s figures:

Corey Hart
’08 Salary: $444,000
Actual/Predicted Club Offer: $2.7 million/$3.5 million
Actual/Predicted Player Request: $3.8 million/$4.5 million (source: JSOnline.com)

That’s more like it…I was 30% too high on the club offer, and just 18.4% too high on Hart’s request.

Rickie Weeks
’08 Salary: $1.056 million
Actual/Predicted Club Offer: $2.0 million/$2.75 million
Actual/Predicted Player Request: $2.8 million/$3.5 million

Again, over 30% too high on the club offer, and 25% too high on the player request.

Revised predictions on the outcomes–Fielder tells Boras to take $7.25 million; Hart goes to the hearing and gets $3.8 million, and Weeks accepts an offer for $2.4 million.