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Brewers’ first year-end press conference summary

Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin and his staff held their traditional “post-mortum” news conference…reading between the lines, Melvin inferred:

  1. Prince and Ryan are not going anywhere
  2. Melvin wants to add at least 2 “established” starters (presumably, one via free agency and one via trade)
  3. They probably won’t re-sign Mike Cameron, Jason Kendall, or Felipe Lopez
  4. Rickie Weeks is not going anywhere
  5. Suppan is slated for the bullpen…unless he somehow has a spectacular spring, I imagine
  6. They’re still interested in Ben Sheets
  7. Alcides Escobar will play short next year and J.J. Hardy will be traded

All in all, no new news…just a reiteration of what many fans (myself included) want to hear.

Now the hard part…making it happen.