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Brewers’ next pitcher at Miller Park this weekend?

As Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin searches for starting pitching help during the offseason, one source may be in Milwaukee this weekend: current Giants’ pitchers.

The Giants send their second, third, and fourth best pitchers out to the hill against the Brewers this weekend: LHP Barry Zito (9-11, 3.94), RHP Matt Cain (12-4, 2.50), and LHP Jonathan Sanchez (6-11, 4.15).  All three could be traded by the Giants in the offseason…and all three should be (and could be) coveted by Melvin.

Ironically, the Giants–at 73-61 and just a game out of the Wild Card race–are second-to-last in runs scored in the NL with 535, and 10th in BA at .258.  In other words, the Giants got where they are today by their depth in pitching, not because of their offense.

The Giants’ offense is especially weak at the three positions where the Brewers have trade options: shortstop, right field, and first base.  The 34 year-old Edgar Renteria is only hitting .259 this season and–while better than J.J. Hardy–not a viable long-term option for the Giants.  Renteria is also costing the Giants $8 million this season, so Hardy’s $3-$4 million contract for 2010 may be palatable for the Giants’ brass.

Hardy, however, would likely only net the Crew Sanchez…and, even that, may require another player.

Corey Hart is also rumored on the trading block…the Giants could be interested in him, too, with Hardy…but that would be a lot to give up for Sanchez.

Then there is Prince…the Brewers would insist that Cain be in any deal for Prince…but would either side be willing to make this big of a trade?  The Giants would probably want more than just Prince for Cain…but, as the Brewers would probably want more for Hardy or Hart than just Sanchez, could a Fielder and Hardy deal for Cain and Sanchez be done?  Such a deal would overhaul the Brewers’ pitching staff…but could the Giants spare two starters?

Anyway…after watching the Giants’ pitchers this weekend…should the Brewers go after any of them for 2010?