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Brewers’ reality check

On Wednesday, one of the co-hosts of The Mike Heller show in Madison pointed out that if the Brewers were to need 87 wins to take the NL Central (a rather conservative estimate, as the Cardinals are currently on pace to win 89 games), that they’d need to go 32-18, or .640, the rest of the way.

After splitting the last two games, the Crew would now need to go 31-17, .646, to achieve that mark.

Given the fact that they have 16 games left against the two teams ahead of them in the standings, winning the division is still possibly…albeit remotely.

And Houston sits just a game behind the Crew in the loss column as well.

As of Friday morning, the Brewers are 6th in the Wild Card standings.

So the Brewers need to almost win 2 out of 3 games from here on out…taking 2 of 3 against the Astros this weekend would be a good start.