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Brews’ latest Hot Stove rumors

In scanning JSOnline.com, there are 3 rumors making the circuit regarding the Brewers:

  1. Scott Rolen to Milwaukee for Chris Capuano and another player
  2. Julio Lugo and Jon Lester, plus two prospects, for Ben Sheets and J.J. Hardy
  3. Andruw Jones is interested in coming to Milwaukee

My thoughts: Regarding Rolen…just say ‘no’–I’ve had Rolen on my fantasy team that past two seasons, and his productivity is marginal, at best, when he’s healthy. Trade Sheets and Hardy? I guess I can see where Doug Melvin is putting pressure on himself to make changes, because last year’s formula was a bit lacking (by this I mean that the Brewers, along with all of the other NL playoff teams, are still a few strides behind the Red Sox in the race for the ’08 World Championship, it would seem). I doubt that this one will get any kind of legs until the whole Johan Santana sweeps are decided. If the Red Sox add Santana, Sheets would be less necessary…plus there may be some overlap between who the Brewers would want and who the Twins would want…hey, maybe a three-way deal? Finally, signing Andruw Jones would be a huge gamble for the Brewers, one I don’t see Mark Attanasio willing to take; Jones purportedly wants a 2-year deal, and I can’t imagine the Brewers going that route unless the deal is laced with incentive clauses and/or vesting. Riske still remains unsigned and not on the 40-man…feels like there are several domino effects in play here…and any trade or free agent signing could start the ball rolling on some others.