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Brews lose…sink back to .500

It just keeps getting worse. Dave Bush held a 4-1 through 5 innings.  But after giving up a 2nd run in the 6th, Yost gambled and left Bush in for the 7th to face backup catcher Guillermo Rodriguez, who smacked a 2-run homer to tie the game.  Of course, the Giants plated the eventual winning run in the 8th to send the Crew to 65-65. This loss really wasn’t Bush’s fault…I admit I thought Yost should have left Bush in, too, as he’d just fanned the previous batter…and it’s not like Rodriguez was a home threat. After a day off on Monday, the Crew gets their last chance of the year to hand the Cubs some losses.  The Brewers need to sweep to keep their own fate in their own hands…even one loss will put the Crew’s playoff fate in the hands of Cubs’ opponents.