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Brian Anderson Remains Awesome

Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter in Game 1 of the Phillies’ NLDS against the Reds.  You might’ve heard about it. 

While it was definitely cool to see the no-hitter unfold while watching it live on national television, the coolest part for me was getting to see “our” Brian Anderson call the game.  While we, as Brewers fans, were robbed of hearing BA call one for our team a couple years ago, you have to feel good for him.  Listening to some of the other announcers this postseason, it’s pretty clear we have a good one.  Hopefully he decides to stick around longer than his predecessors, but there’s no doubt he’s eventually headed for bigger and better things.

For now, he gets to have his call of the historic moment — just the second postseason no-hitter ever — replayed over and over again.  His call of the final out is below, and as we already know, BA is awesome when it comes to big moments like this.  He gets excited with the final call, but quickly gets out of the way and lets the crowd tell the story.  I always appreciate it when the announcers don’t get caught up in trying to chime in with what they’re hoping will be a timeless call.