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Bud Selig, Marquette Faculty Member
Major League Baseball commissioner H. Bud Selig (R) shakes hands with National Baseball Hall of Fame member Goose Gossage during a party at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York on July 24, 2010. UPI/Bill Greenblatt Photo via Newscom

According to the Badger Herald, MLB Commissioner and former Brewers owner Bud Selig has formally been added to the faculty at Marquette Law School.  Selig has been giving lectures in sports law and policy since the Spring semester of 2009, and the classes are understandably popular.

The dean of Marquette Law School, Joseph Kearney, had high praise for Selig in the school’s official statement (as printed in the Badger Herald):

“Bud Selig is, without question, one of the most skilled and accomplished professionals in the sports industry today … We are truly honored that he would commit his time to our students and grateful that he’s chosen our classrooms as a place to pass down his significant wisdom to the next generation of leaders.”

So let’s have a little fun with this.  Which lectures dealing with sports law and policy would you like to hear from Selig?  On my list:

– How Nepotism Can Nearly Cripple a Franchise
– The All-Star Game and World Baseball Classic: Making Exhibitions Mean More Than They Should
– How To Expand The Playoffs Until The Brewers Get In
– Using The Human Element To Bury Your Head In The Sand (So You Don’t Have To Institute Replay)
– How To Use League Revenue Statistics To Avoid A Salary Cap

Am I missing any?