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Bush vs. Parra: Why the Brewers messed up

Like most Brewers fans, I was stunned Sunday afternoon. First I have to sit at Miller Park and watch our offense not do much of anything and lose a tough game in 10 innings. Then, as my buddies and I were driving home, I heard Breaking News. The Brewers were optioning Dave Bush to Nashville. No, not sending Manny Parra to Triple A or cutting ties with Derrick Turnbow, but sending a quality arm to the Minors. I know many fans are fine with this move as many have given up on Bush’s ability as a starter. I, however, think this is a grave mistake by management.
Now I will admit that Parra has better upside that Bush and his ‘stuff’ potentially could be upper-rotation type of stuff. Parra is three years younger but does have a history of arm problems while Bush has proven to be quite durable.
In four starts this season, Bush has averaged 5 2/3 innings while allowing 4.5 runs a game. He’s made one quality start this season. Not great numbers by any means, but nothing wrong with that from the man who is your number 5 starter. Bush has gone at least 5 1/3 innings in each start and has never pitched fewer than 92 pitches.
Parra has made five starts, including Sunday, and has averaged a little over 4 1/3 innings per outing while only giving up 2.6 runs a game. Parra has no qualities starts this season and has not pitched longer than 5 1/3 innings in any start. He’s only made 90 or more pitches three times.
Now on the surface you might say, Jesse, Parra gives up far fewer runs than Bush. I won’t disagree with you at all, but Bush is a stronger pitcher at this point in time and therefore, more important to your team. Parra will shut down a team for a short period of time but never for the long haul. He has not built up his arm strength to go deep into games. Bush will give up more runs but pitch you deeper into games and be less taxing on an already overworked bullpen.
I think Parra would be best served as the long man right now with Bush serving as the fifth starter. Derrick Turnbow should be sent packing as evident by his horrible outing on Sunday. Turnbow gave up a hit and walked to batters while recording no outs. Luckily, Mitch Stetter came on and pitched out of the bases loaded, no outs jam.
I commend Dave Bush for taking his demotion like a man and staying a good teammate in the process. I’m positive he will get another shot in Milwaukee to prove his value and he will get the job done.