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Can Rickie Weeks Get a Little Love? Please?

Rickie Weeks might as well change his name to Rodney Dangerfield. He gets no respect.

All he did in 2010 was put up a fWAR of 6.1, the second highest in baseball among second basemen (only Robinson Cano was better). He set career highs in games played, plate appearances, hits, home runs, runs scored, RBI, and wOBA. He tied his career high in OPS+. He should be a guy that’s loved universally by traditionalists and statheads.

And he gets no love.

He was snubbed in the Milwaukee BBWAA’s voting for Team MVP. He wasn’t even mentioned as a candidate for a Silver Slugger Award by Louisville Slugger, an award that was ultimately given to Florida’s Dan Uggla.

I think an argument could (and should) be made for Weeks being snubbed in the Silver Slugger voting. It’s not as egregious as Derek Jeter winning a Gold Glove over Alexei Ramirez or Elvis Andrus, but at least it’s a debate.

Instead, a certain Milwaukee writer tried taking up the case that it was Casey McGehee that got snubbed, despite the fact that third base winner Ryan Zimmerman was pretty clearly the correct choice (to be fair, he retracted the statement a few minutes later).

I understand why the people of Wisconsin would like a short, chubby bald guy who puts up nice counting numbers. I understand that like the Gold Glove, this award is based on reputation as much as anything, and Weeks just had his first “breakout” season. But the fact that Weeks had one of the best seasons ever by a Brewers second basemen and isn’t being appreciated for it among those most familiar with him is almost criminal.

Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo do deserve congratulations for winning the award at their own respective positions, but to me, Weeks should have joined them.